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Wild College Sex Party, Wild College Coed Parties and Easy Drunk Girls!

Date: 2007-04-18 23:21:07
Written by Barrel Ass
Tags: college wild parties, college sex, drunk girls, wild drinking partys

Wild College Sex Party

Hot wild drunk college party action spots:

College Wild Stories - College Party House - Drunk University

this update starts @ wild parties - drunk girls - College wild party fuck festcollege girls fuck easywild parties - drunk girls - College wild party fuck festdrunk college girls screw easybeers

So be it, my introduction & initiation... the new caretaker of College Drunk Fest Home of college most wild parties, devious drunken antics and mass alcohol induced retardation ( I will prove that I am indeed just as wild, crazy and completely fucked up as the previous owner 'Kid Bacardi' - who's greatest log of shitfaced greatness lives on, here in the College Drunk Fest Archives. A big fat ass salute to the almighty KYLE, If there was a fat chick at this party - I'd send her to you kyle... Baby powder is on the house. So anyways... I'm Big J. AKA 'Barrel Ass'. I'm usually too lazy to start new paragraphs so get fucking used to it. Go ahead, kick me in the nuts, tear the elastic band from my fruit-of-the-looms, or whatever the fuck! I drink beer... and a shitload of it, I suspect I'll get fancy with my camera at a party soon, tweaked on my favorite flavor of Miller - so look out, I have a half million drinkin buddies named Mike... seriously, so I know that's some wild shit, but one even used to teach college - so he's got connections with the college girls - that corrupt fucker. Just as soon as I can find my tackle box - me and my buddy Mike from the university are going to have drunken spin casting wars out behind my house. Never heard of that? Probably not... I made it up, and I'm getting better at my aim through rigorous training. I can sever the nuts from a sizable grey squirrel at 25yards with 17.5oz practice weight attached to my 10lb test line. Bring it Mike.. BRING IT! We'll invite some beefy titted girls along and hire some skinny bitch a hold a garden hose and tease nipples. There will be pictures of the girls... and videos of the girls. OH the beautiful ditzy college girls, I'll get "Hamster" from up the street to bring in some suds too. moving forward....

just finished wild parties - drunk girls - College wild party fuck festcollege chics RULE...


I see WHALE TAILS... a nice one too



and even a tail on a Whale!

looks like a badly packed suitcase to me

Bet there's some mashed up tuna in there!


Today's Choicest Friendly Wild Buttholes:

The Uncensored - Goyk - Drunken Delight

uhhh, in review (for adults only)...wild parties - drunk girls - College wild party fuck fest

Having owned some popular porn sites in the past, as well as being a dedicated connoisseur of college tits and ass wherever I can see it.. my favorite shit by far is wild wiggling college aged girls who are too dumb to know better than to be taped on a camcorder at some drunken shitty frat house drinking party. And, my favorite Mike of them all agrees, College girls do ANYTHING... well with the right 'fuel'... just like a car. We've discovered that when fueled with enough beer and bong smoke, girls at our campus would do more than one would bargain for. Once, we found three chicks that had shut them selves in a large walking closet over at Mile's parents' estate.... clung up hanging off the fucking walls like monkeys having a twat canon ping pong ball war... Jeeeez - it looked like a naked drunk paintball match gone horrible. WTF!! Wild wet t-shirt pics?? see this! Bucket Knight's Wet T's So whatever - Anyways, at one time or another, I've joined just about every college sex adult pay-site on the planet. Worth it? I suppose... short video clips get fucking old after a while, so for the full drunken force and party from beginning to end I've found the following that are cool, College Wild Parties, College Fuck Fest, and College Invasion to name just a few. I did some searching on the adult search engine for free porn and found all these links for free galleries and video clip examples:

CollegeWildParties: free gallery / video clip pages

HAHA - drink hard spend light... spend nothing! save it for beer. This guy liked CollegeDrunkFest so much he put up or little ad banner - check out this place for coed dildos? More coming for,, and


Rock' says YO ADRIAN! - check this mullet!

You got a mullet? You better fucking fess up and make DOUGH

send your very own mullet shot to:

 mullet [@] collegedrunkfest DOT com

Is I post you mullet... and I'll pay you $1.69

(you can buy a fitting 40 ounce to go with your fucking mullet)

Send a picture of your mullet DRINKING that 40 ounce....

I'll give you $5.00! enough for a hand release in most trailer parks


Those animals most likely to stain their pants: - FuckingMotherFucker - CollegeWildStories

college girls give the best blowjobwild parties - drunk girls - College wild party fuck festPARTY TIME poon poon :: VIDEO

College Wild Parties - DRUNK GIRLS GONE WILD

More wild college party girl videos like this

you GOTTA be 18+ for that

yeah that was fucking fun....wild college party


For what it's worth...

The guy that owns this directory of adult links can run and shoot guns at the same time... It's a rare trained art I hear... so fucking rare I can't remember what he called it. This is what'd consider talent to the extreme. Extremely fucking insane...

wild parties - drunk girls - College wild party fuck fest{{GUZZZLE}}college girls drink lots of beer

A Friend of a Friend of a Friend says... Social anxiety can be cured and you can get a good honest fuck session with a girl from your college.. you just need to have the 'cooth' to do her up right - "MY FRIEND' found the help he needed at a site called pinkdex - HA, looked like a tall steaming pile of bullshit to me - and AS USUAL, I'm right I bet. But I'm certainly not cocky or nothin'. I still think that if you follow the Code of Ethics found on this very site, and use these pickup lines... you'll have a snatch helmet in like 20 minutes - and once you do... lol, use this featured sex move of the month ====D this winning sex move right here, the "Cleveland Steamer" works every time... even on the most prudish - I know this because "MY FRIEND" knows this - he said he tried it.


~Drunk Yet?~

At the next party you throw... Try this drink

the "Bend me over and Fuck me"

in combination with this wild fucking drinking game...

"Jerry's Kids"

Do you have an original drink mix or game?

God damn.. you better send it!!

trythis [@] collegedrunkfest DOT com

If I think it's kick ass and I post it I'll give you a $1.69 cash tip!

Videos of drinking games welcome as well...

Good ones we post earn WOW... $5.00 and an honorable mention

Rules: You must be shitfaced... and don't harm anything.

and remember...wild parties - drunk girls - College wild party fuck fest um..

If you're gonna STICK IT...

use protection! Party on you wild ass fucking BEOTCH.


Gotta go pass out now..

College wild party orgy sip sip wild parties - drunk girls - College wild party fuck fest gulp gulp where's the beef!



While you were masturbating in the bathroom....

"Jesus called, he said your music was

TO FUCKING LOUD! AND he wants his

Air Supply cassette tape back."


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