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CollegeFuckFest is back in 2007! New videos and party footage

Date: 2007-06-28 15:19:43
Written by Barrel Ass
Tags: collegefuckfest, college sex, college party sex, college girls

Hot wild drunk college party action spots:

Drunk University - The Uncensored - College Wild Stories

this update starts @ wild parties - drunk girls - College wild party fuck festwild parties - drunk girls - College wild party fuck festdrunk college girls screw easybeers

Did you here about the 2007 updates over at our favorite spot to go? College Fuck Fest! Fucking right... Those crazy bastards over at have armed themselves up with cameras... despite the law on their ass at every frat house the visit, and they've crept into more private rooms and shot real-life college party action... and yeah, there's chicks lobbing cock and fucking for blow. You gotta get drunk before ya fuck... thus - that's where we come in... College Drunk Fest. No Beer - No Chicks - (or well, easy ones anyways) Lets put it this way, Hot chick + No Beer = a result comparable to catching snapping turtle while on a Bass fishing trip.... IT'S GONNA BE A FUCKING FIGHT - and you won't win. Follow the College Fuck Fest way, and bring a keg - or two.


Here's some moments from 2007:

footage and test quoted as found from collegefuckfest

CollegeFuckFest Party Gone bad BUSTED! Las Vegas, NV - Frat Party Goes Too Far!
Las Vegas Police arrived at a local fraternity house early Saturday morning to discover a scene which veteran officers described as "something out of Soddom and Gahmorrah." This party appears to be one of many organized by a group reportedly linked to adult websites exposing intoxicated students in various sexual acts. Lt. Blain Anderson said "I've never witnessed so much open sexual abandonment among college students in my 12 years on the force."
.... read it all

See all the NEW in 2007

College Fuck Fest College Parties

working on some more wild parties - drunk girls - College wild party fuck festcollege chics RULEcollege chics RULE...


You should play some


all 18 holes.

Beer Mini Golf

RIGHT FUCKING HERE on CollegeDrunkFest


some user friends:

College Party House - Goyk - Drunken Delight

now I see four booobs...wild parties - drunk girls - College wild party fuck festwild parties - drunk girls - College wild party fuck festwild parties - drunk girls - College wild party fuck fest

college girls kissing - Oh - Fucking - Yeah... and there have been some good spottings... Yeah fuck it... I'm done playing beer golf, It's time to spend time more wisely. It is Right fucking now - you tell your buddy to go home. The is you and CollegeDrunkFest time (special time).


Look at this stuff.... Handpicked like Maine blueberriess


Lip - on - Lip kissing party bitchez!



whoop! there's another angle!



More  DRUNK kissing college girls


These guys pissed themselves at the last party:: - FuckingMotherFucker - Drunk University


~Drunk Yet?~

At the next party you throw... Try this drink

the "Green Weenie"

in combination with this wild fucking drinking game...

"Who's Shit!"

Do you have an original drink mix or game?

God damn.. you better send it!!


Remember... Have your bartender come check out for the growing selection of drinks they've never fucking heard of!


Gotta go pass out now..

College wild party orgy sip sip wild parties - drunk girls - College wild party fuck fest gulp gulp where's the beef!



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Cheerleaders that auditioned for the team recently ;)

college cheerleader sex

college cheerleader



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