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Written by Kid Bacardi

          So this week was fairly uneventful. We started off strong on Tuesday at Copper for the Fat Tuesday Party. Me, Bantz, Schag, and Tom headed over there around 10 but it was kinda dead. We decided to get to the task at hand and start boozin’. Crazy Sluts Carrot showed up a little bit later and then a steady flow of people started filling the place up. I ran into two girls that I know and decided that I needed to duck both of them and try to find something new. As we all kept on boozing, the band started playing and everyone was starting to get wild . After the first set, the band decided to have a tittie contest. Me, Carrot, and Bantz were right near the stage and had a great view of the action. Most of the sluts were hot but there were a few nasties. The first fat bitch got booed off the stage without even bustin out her tits. As they were deciding on which 3 to narrow it down too, these bitches got crazy. They started making out with each other and shit to win the advancement. The last 3 sluts got the “lets see pussy” chant as they tried to win. The last bitch up dropped trou, while everyone cheered. After the contest, the band kept playing and I was on a hunt for my own pussy. I decided that the only fair thing to do was to wonder around until I bumped into one of the girls I knew. The first one I ran into came out to the dance floor with me and we were making out and shit. I looked up and the other one was on the balcony flicking me off . The bar closed and I headed out to go to Denny’s. Not sure what I ate or when I got home. All I know is that I ended up waking up for work in the morning.
          Nothing really happened Wednesday, but of course we had a mix on Thursday night. We all started boozing around 10 but it was kinda a dead night cuz lots of people bitched out cuz they were sick. I was sick as fuck so I decided to try to drink it away. I got drunk as fuck quick due to all the meds that I was on, and soon rolled out to GII. Jamie got salty cuz I was with another girl, but what else is new. I rolled out early cuz I had to work in the morning and then drive up to Rockford for drill.
          Friday and Saturday I was sick as fuck. I went out with some of my boys from Rockford on Saturday night and saw a bunch of bitches that knew me but I didn’t know. All in all gay as fuck. Hopefully this flu shit kicks by this weekend or I’m just gonna have to power through it.

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