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Power Hour

Written by Kid Bacardi

          This past week I decided that I wasn’t going to drink until Thursday night so I could kick this cold. So Tuesday after class I decided to go to the bar for a few drinks. After two 24 oz. cans, the lights in the bar went out. As I turned around to see what was up, I saw the electrical transformer on the corner blow up. I guess truck clipped a telephone pole, snapping the pole and shaking the line till it hit the transformer and blew up. After that I decided that if I didn’t go home then I would be out all night. I was just Don’t Try This At Home chillin when Carrot called and told me that we were gonna go to Pinch. In my half drunk state of mind I decided to go out. We started buying rounds and were sucking down Jack and Cokes like they were water. A few other guys showed up and then some bitches. We all got drunk and started clowning on Holla for being a fag. After a while I got bored and called for a ride home.
          Wednesday as I was heading home from class Brian talked me into going to the bar with him to watch the basketball game. I decided to just have a few beers, but you know how that goes. So after the game we headed over to GII and played some pool. Jesse and his “fieldtrip” showed so I had to clown on her a little bit. By 12 I was shit faced and decided that I needed to go get some food. I went to Taco Don and then stumbled home.
          Thursday we had a party at my place and we all got wasted. We started doing shots of Everclear and it was all down hill from there. We started breaking bottles in the house and just all around getting out of control. We head to the bar around 11 and kept boozing. I don’t remember anything after we got there. The next thing I know, I’m fucking this girl and two others walk in. They quickly leave and I pass out.
          The next morning I wake up and have a message from one of the girls who had stopped by the night before. All I know is that I definitely missed out on a three some. After work I headed over to the house and people were there boozing already. After a few beers and a few bong rips, most of the people headed off to dance practice. Me, Carrot, Sircher, and a few others stayed at the house and boozed. We clowned on Peterson for a while and then headed to Hardee’s. When we got back Sircher and Carrot had hidden Peterson’s beers all over the house like an Easter Egg Hunt . He found most of them, but was kinda pissed off. We kept pushing his buttons and he ran off like a girl. With our source of entertainment gone, we decided to see if we could knock beer bottles off the pool table with a football. I got real good, but the bottles started breaking when they hit the wall. We decided to head down to the basement so we wouldn’t make as much of a mess. We started just breaking bottles against the walls and smashing them with hammers. After all the bottles were broken, we headed back upstairs to keep drinking. I found the power drill and wanted to drill something. As I was playing with it, I decided that I would take Holla’s door off the hinges. After we got it off, we decided to stand it up in his doorway so that when he opened the door it would fall into his room. We tested it a few times to make sure none of his shit would break and then we tested it a few more times just because it was funny ass fuck. When Holla finally got home we were all sitting outside by his window for the front row show. He got salty as fuck so we told him that the pledges did it. At about 9:30 a bunch of bitches came by and we started a power hour around 10. I was already about 12 deep to the hour rushed by and I was shit canned. Sandie showed up and wanted me to go to Copper with her. I decided that GII was a better choice and kept drinking. After a while we headed to the bar and by then I was wasted. As we were standing by the dance floor, Simon dumped some ice down some dudes shirt . This kid gave me a hard look so I told him that we could go if he wants to. He came up to me and I push him away. I looked at one of my boys that is a bouncer and told him I was gonna fuck this kid up if he didn’t get the fuck on. My boy said that he wouldn’t kick me out and the kid took off. I looked around for him for a while but he was ducking me. I ran into Sandie and just chilled till the bar closed. I was looking for some disco biscuits for after hours but couldn’t come up with anything. I headed back to the house and boozed for a while. Around 3 I decided to go home.
          Saturday I just slept most of the day and then watched TV the rest. I finally headed over to the house around 7 and started boozing. I decided to wear Jesse’s Marion High School rubber band so I could rock out townie style. People started coming over around 8 and then a bunch of sluts showed up around 9. By 10 everyone was there and we started another power hour. Everyone was getting wasted and some of the girls were trying to do it with shots of vodka. Field Trip showed up and I was giving her shit again. Once the hour was over we started another. Everyone was getting crazy and beer was all over the place. Ryan started to throw a bottle across the room when Brad put his hand in the way shattering it. After a while we decided to head over to the bar. I was walking up the stairs when some Harry Potter looking mother fucker gave me the “hard shoulder”. I spun his ass around and said to him, “you’re not big enough son.” He turned away and started talking to some girl while I was talking shit to him in his ear. He tried to ignore me but I got under his skin because he ducked me for the rest of the night. I was pounding whiskey like there was no tomorrow and things were fading in and out. The next thing I knew, I was waking up Sunday afternoon.

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