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Drunken Madness

Written by Kid Bacardi

          Thursday most of the guys had a marathon session of dance practice because the show was on Saturday. Sircher and I headed up to GII around 5:30 and found Matt up there drinking already. He had been up there since 3:30 and was leaning towards drunk. Sircher and I followed suit and started boozin as well. We all played pool and drank for a while but then Sircher’s girl showed up and dragged him away. Matt and I kept playing and the next thing we knew it was 10:00. I decided to go home to shower and Matt had to get his checkbook, so we head back to our place leaving our tabs open. By 10:30 we were back at the bar drinking. We started playing pool with a couple of Matt’s buddies who were Marines. The let us know that if one team wins and the other team has all of their balls left on the table, not only do you lose the game but you also lose your shoes. We started playing for drinks and had a couple of close calls each way for shoes. In the last game our shoes were on the line and Matt and I were about a cunt hair from losing them. At 12:30 I finally called it quits and went upstairs. Everyone had shown up and was starting to booze, but I was already shit faced. I don’t really know much of what happened after that.
          When I got off work on Friday I was more then ready to start drinking. There was one problem though, just about everyone was at dance practice. When I showed up at my house, my boy Jeff was here. We decided to head over to the house and see who was there. Keith, Curtains, and Bantz were playing Madden, but only Keith was down to drink. We head over to Ol’ Town to pick up a dirty thirty to start off Fratastic Friday. As we started drinking, we found out that Danny and Frankie were about two and a half hours away, while Brad and Oleg were about three hours out. Little by little more people started showing up and we were all just getting wasted. By the time everyone showed up from out of town we had gone through two more thirties. Lets Get E-tarded Jesse and I had decided the night before that we were going to get E-tarded, and when everyone else showed up they decided to join us. A bunch of girls had shown up and we were playing flippy cup. We kept drinking at the house till about 11:00 and then Jesse, Danny, Casey, and I headed to the bar. I was wasted and decided to pop my pill, Jesse and Danny were about fifteen minutes ahead of me. We were all drinking water at first but then we decided that we might as well keep boozin. As the night went on we were all fucked up. I was wandering around like a fuckin maniac. I couldn’t stay in one place for longer than five minutes. At one point in time, some dude was talking shit to little John. Brad and I were right there and the bouncers didn’t take long to kick the other guys out. My roll was going up and down and mixing with my drunken state of mind as I floated around the bar. Around 1 I decided to take a second pill. I was cold as hell for some reason and decided that I need to go home to get a hoody and a beanie. I grabbed my shit and head back to the bar. After the bar closed I head to the house for after hours. It was okay but I decided to head to Booze Miller’s to meet up with Brad. It was kinda lame over there as well so I wandered back over to the house. After a while I decided to head home and crash.
          Saturday I woke up and headed over to the house. As I was walking up, Jesse, Ricky, and Field Trip were pulling out of the driveway. I jumped in the car and we went to go drop off Field Trip and get some food. When GII opened at 1 we headed down there to have some drinks before the Variety Show. As we were drinkin, a bunch of guys that were going to perform the SNL Blue Oyster Cult Skit at the show walked in. They were all wasted and decided to take six double Jager Bombs each before they went to perform. The show started at about 3 and ran till about 5:30. We had rented out GII from 8 to 11 so we had a couple of hours to chill before the party really started. We started drinking at the house a little and then some girls started to show up. At 8 we left but only the gams could go to the party so the sig kapps decided to party at our house till after 11. People started slowly filtering into the bar and the booze was flowing like water. As time went by, everyone was getting shitty. We decided to start playing Flippy Cup and that just kicked everyone up to drunk as fuck. I got dragged out to the dance floor to dance with Candy, the cleaning lady, and Erica. Win or Lose, We Booze Other people started dancing and getting crazy. Paul was grabbing hot girl after hot girl to dance with. He was so wasted though, he didn’t realize that they were hot and thought that they were all nasty. I really don’t know most of the details but here are a few events that I have been able to place together.

I tried to dance with Tony’s mom but she thought that I was on drugs.

Frankie was making out with Jen’s mom on the dance floor. They were talking to Jen and he was rubbing her ass and shit. Jen started yelling out her mom and her mom replied by yelling back that, “she can do whatever she wants.”

Somebody bought me a Jager Bomb and I proceeded to completely miss my mouth, pouring the shot all over myself.

I ran into Sandie and met that girl that I was supposed to have a threesome with. It just so happened that her boyfriend was there too. I started talking to him and the whole time all I could think about was that his girlfriend wanted to fuck me.

Apparently I ended up leaving the bar without paying my tab so one of the bartenders covered it for me.

So after the bar closed, we all headed back to the house for after hours. As to how any of us were able to keep drinking is beyond my comprehension. There were very few people that I have ever seen drunker than we all were that night. As the party raged on no real details were ever uncovered. It was all just one big drunken disaster.

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