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Day 3

Written by Kid Bacardi

          So the trip is finaly over and now you can read about the drunken madness that was our Spring Break. Let me start by saying that were able to get completely fuckin destroyed and may have been the drunkest people on the boat .
The Drunk Boat   &nbps       We hit up the boat at about 3:00 on Sunday. Jeremy and I headed straight to the bar after we boarded. As we started drinking, our luggage showed up and all of the booze that we smuggled on the boat made it through so we started drinking for free. I was pounding half and half 151 and coke and was very quickly fucked up. We wondered around the ship checking all the bitches (few and far between) and boozing hard. After a while we decided to hit up the casino and we were all quickly down. We gambled till about 7:45 and then headed to dinner. Everything on the menu could be ordered as many times over as you wanted them. We broke out the breathalyzer at dinner and I was already blowing hot. They brought out the desert menu but I said fuck that shit and headed out to keep drinking. Everyone else went back to the casino but I just rolled around drinking my ass off. The club didn’t open till 11 and even when it did it was fucking clown shoes. I sat in there for a while and then head back to find Chuck and Peters. I ran into them by the casino and then we headed down to make some drinks. When we got to their floor, we found a wheelchair and decided to confiscate it for our enjoyment. I jumped in the bitch and Peters started sprinting down the hall and then let me go. We got to their room and realized that there was no fucking ice, so Peters and I headed back down the hall in the wheelchair to fix that problem. On the way back to the room, some security slut started fucking yelling at us for using the wheelchair. She asked me if I had a problem, and I told her that the only problem was her holding up my drinking. She took down our names and room numbers and made us leave the chair. While this was going on, Chuck was taking pictures of us getting yelled at. We got back to the room and mixed up some stiff ass drinks. Peters and I decided to go get the booze from my room and consolidate it in the suite. We got fucking yelled at again for being to loud, but this time they didn’t take our names down. After we got the booze to the room, we headed to the club. Derek, Jeremy, and Rich were on the dance floor with some sluts and Chuck, Peters, and I set up shop at the bar that goes around the dance floor. We kept drinking and then the other three took of with the sluts that they had been dancing with. When the club was closing, Chuck and Peters were talking to some sluts. I came up and ask the girls how old they were. The one girl said 22 or some shit and I looked at her and said, “bitch you look like you’re 15.” She wasn’t all that appreciated by my comment, so her and her friend beat. We headed out of the club and started wondering around. We swooped in on some girls talking to some guys and the guys were kinda pissed. One of them started to talk shit and I had to fuckin back his ass down. I guess I was holding on to this assholes arm, telling him that he needed to fucking back the fuck down or get rolled. He was telling me that he didn’t want to fight so I told him to go the fuck home. After they left, we didn’t even talk to the girls, we just rolled out. Chuck headed back to the room and me and Peters went to some bar at the back of the ship. There were some dudes there and Peters started arguing with them about basketball. I decided to crash out on some lawn chair and slept for about an hour. Peters tried to wake me up to go the fuck home. I hauled off and jacked him in the face because I had no idea what was going on. He sent me the fuck home and I passed out at about 7. By the way, even though Derek, Jeremy, and Rich left the club with sluts, none of them closed the deal and all went to sleep by themselves.

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