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Day 5

Written by Kid Bacardi

          We woke up at about 9 in Cozumel and I blew a .21 . We all got ready and headed to shore. When we got off the boat, everyone wanted to go scuba diving. We ended up at some seedy ass place and only Jeremy, Chuck, and Derek decided to go. Peters, Rich, and I went walking around downtown checking out all the crap that they were selling. We ran back into one of the guys from the dive shop, and he asked us if we wanted to rent scooters of $25 a piece including gas. We decided that we could swing that and headed to the other side of the island to find a place to rent body boards. We found a place right on the other side of the island and went out for a while. The waves were okay but it was choppy as fuck so we decided to call it quits and check some more shit out. We decided to drive around the whole island and stop at every bar on the way . So there we were drunk as fuck driving around the island on scooters. We were heading back into town when we got pulled over by the cops. We all thought that we were fucked, but all we had to do was bribe the cops $20 a piece and we were off again. We started driving up and down the roads in downtown stopping at all the bars we could find. At the last place we stopped, we met this cool ass Mexican named Freddy. He wanted to take us to the whore house and told us that he could get us a group rate. We decided against it, but stuck around to hang out with him for a while. I was a straight up hustler and had his hands on a little bit of everything. He kept calling Rich a bitch and pussy in Spanish, but Rich had no idea what he was saying. He ended up giving us some dirt weed and we head back to the scooter shop to drop them fuckin things off. After we got rid of the scooters we found a copy shop and made copies for and toga party the next night. After we got the copies, we headed back to the ship to change and hand out flyers. We were giving them to everyone that we ran into from our ship and just kept boozing. We ended up talking to some dudes that go to school with my little brother and they were all about hyping up the party with us. I got a yard from Fat Tuesday of some shit called 190 octane and kept the booze train rolling. After about two more I was fucking wasted. We had to be back on the boat at 11:30 so nothing great really happened. Once back on the boat we mixed drinks and headed out to find so snapper. We ran into the bitches form the night before again and decided to divide and conquer. I got the one back to Peters’ room and she started kissing me and shit. She was telling me that “she didn’t want to be that girl on spring break ,” but was grinding on my dick hard as fuck. As we kept making out she started getting naked. I was about to fuck when Peters pops in to mix a drink and get his smokes. She didn’t like it none too much and left. I was fucking pissed as fuck so I passed the fuck out.

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