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Day 6

Written by Kid Bacardi

          Woke up at about 12 and started wondering around with Jeremy checkin out the sights. We ended up going to a fucking art auction that was giving out free Champaign . All the art was too fucking rich for our blood, so we decided to just get wasted off the free booze. After 2 hours and 8 glasses of champaign we were on our way to drunk. We headed up to the sun deck to see who was out and ran into Chuck. Check and Jeremy went to find the internet place, and I went to find Derek and Bitch (Rich). We were chillin next to some sluts from Rhode Island, but one was a fucking grenade . They took off and we decided to fuckin chill till dinner. I headed to Peters room to keep drinking and we boozed till dinner. After dinner we headed to the casino so all my boys could drop their cash. Jeremy had met this girl from Canada earlier and was talking to her. I just kept drinking till it was time to hit up the togas. Derek, Rich, and I headed to Chuck’s room to start getting ready and we could not figure out how to hook up the togas. Peters and Chuck finally showed up and hooked the shit up for us and we were out. Jeremy bitched out and hung out with the Canadian all night. We started running into people with togas and had to help a bunch of them out with their shit. As we headed up to the deck we gathered more people for the event and rolled up strong. Shit got slow and people started going to get their friends to get in the mix. Soon after that the security decided that we needed to get shut the fuck down and made the DJ stop playing music. We all decided to head down to the club, but those assholes wouldn’t let us in. They told me that we had to be dressed casual, so I asked them, “how much more fucking casual could I be dressed ”. They didn’t feel my argument, so we headed to the back bar. Peters and I started boozing real fucking hard and met some dude named Tom from Cleveland that was a drunkin pimp. He decided to start buying our booze so we stuck with him for a while. We were getting all fucked up and one of the bartenders started hookin it up with all sorts of sweet tricks. He was balancing shit off glasses with toothpicks and working all sorts of sweet party shit. We started talking to some dude that was a cop and Peters had met him a few nights ago. Turns out he had showed Peters some fucking pressure points to wake me up the night I hit Peters. The cop told me that he was glad that I hit Peters because he deserved it. Peters and I pounded down another bucket of beer and headed back to our rooms as the boat pulled up to Grand Cayman.

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