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Written by Kid Bacardi

          After our long vacation, you would think that I would down shift a little bit, and I did for a day. Monday was hell, and the DT shakes were in full swing. I had decided that I wasn’t going to booze till Thursday, but some how Tuesday came along and I was fucking shit faced. I Would Definitely Booze ThereWe had started a rumor that I had gotten arrested in Mexico and nobody had seen me since, and all sorts of people believed it. Not that it would be too hard to believe that I got arrested. The best reactions included a 20 minute call to the U.S. Embassy from Jamie, and Caesy almost calling her dad to have him pull some strings with the media to get me out of jail. At the bar I had just about every girl that I know asking me how I got out of jail. They also all thought that my “I FUCK” tattoo was real. My booze train rolled on like I was still on Spring Break I drank my ass off night after and slept for as few hours as humanly possible. By Thursday, I thought that it was Sunday again, but I had business to attend to. We decided to have another toga party. By the time I collected money and was ready to roll, everyone bitched out on the togas. Peters and I decided to rock them anyway, and a few other guy decided to man up as well. After we got the kegs, we headed over to Derek’s to get to work. Surprise, surprise, I was soon drunk off my ass. By 12:00 all the booze was gone so we headed out to the bar for our normal Thursday night insanity. The details of the night might never be recovered, but I did manage to get kicked out of Don Taco. I guess I went in there after the bar closed and ordered food. While I was waiting I decided that I needed to smoke a cigarette. Some assholes that didn’t even work there started giving me shit, so in true Kyle fashion I started dishing it back. One of them slid a high chair over to me and said the “the little kids need to sit in one of these”. I picked the thing up and cocked it back right as one of the guys that worked there grabbed me and rushed me outside. I waited for the kids for a while, but then the cops showed up so Nathan dragged me back to the house.When we got there, Scotty was there and the three of us went up to Jesse’s room to see what he was doing. We kicked in the door and there he was with Field Trip naked under the blanket. I started talking to him as Nathan picked up the fabreeze and started spraying Field Trip. The whole time, he was saying that it smelt like skank in there. After we got bored with that we headed back downstairs. Somehow my food had made it there so I attemped to eat. After the mess I headed back to my place to attempt to do some work. I couldn’t see my computer screen, so I just sat there in a stupor. In my drunken haze Lindsey showed up and then another girl followed her in and another and another. As drunk as I was I thought that I had just hit the jackpot, and they were all there for me. Come to find out that she had to take them home and then was gonna come back. I told her that I would be dead to the world by the time she took them home but she insisted on coming back. As I predicted, I passed out and she came back and tried to wake me up for a half hour. After failing she left and I had no idea that she had even been there.

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