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D.J. Scribble

Written by Kid Bacardi

          Thursday night we decided to have a
CEO and Secretary Hoe Party. We opted to drink margaritas for some fuckin ridiculous reason. Sircher, Carrot, Simon and I polished off two 30’s before we headed over there so we were already in a good state. I grabbed a margarita and it was weak as fuck. They bought that gay premixed shit that has hardly any booze in it. They finally went and got some Cuarvo so we could kick these drinks up a little. I poured 4 shots into my half empty margarita and made it extra potent. We started playing quarters and I decided that I was gonna get shit faced. Whenever the quarter would drop, I would grab the cup and pound the beer before it even got handed out to anyone. After a few rounds of this, I went through about 4 beers in 5 minutes. I slowed down a little and started letting people decided who they wanted to drink until we were out of beer. This pissed me off a little so I went in search of the bottle of Cuarvo. I found it hidden above the refrigerator. I decided not to mess around with the margarita shit and just started taking pulls off the bottle of Cuarvo. In about 10 minutes and I destroyed the last third of the bottle and was ready for the bar. We headed to GII and kept on drinking. At some point in time I decided that a shot was needed and ordered some up. I took mine down stood there for a second and right back up it came all over the floor in front of the bar. Dane came over with the mop and cleaned it up while I was trying to talk him into letting me do it. After the mess was taken care of, I was back to drinking. The night started to blur and I headed home to pass out.
          I woke up Friday morning and headed to work. Scribble D.J. Scribble was playing at Carboz and I was throwing the after hours at my place. Sircher, Ryan, and I started cleaning the place up a little and setting up for the party. Jamie showed up with a case of Budweiser so we started drinking. I had no clean clothes, so I made her go wash my shit while she got ready to go out. Letters and I went to get the kegs at around 9 and then headed to Wal-Mart for ice and cups. I guess all the cool people go grocery shopping on Friday nights, cuz it took me a half hour to pay for cups and three bags of ice. We headed back to my place and got the kegs in the basement. I hopped in the shower and then Sircher and I headed to his house so he could change. I picked up a lift ticket so we rocked a couple before we headed to the bar. Carboz was lame as usual and I started in on Martinis. People started showing up and I was getting rocked. Scribble started mixing and wasn’t that good. Brad might as well have been up there playing CDs. After a while most of us headed over to GII for a while before after hours. We drank there till close and then headed to my place. We tapped the kegs and I started up the Simon and Kyle music. People were coming in slowly so I went to chill in my room and wait for more people to get there. It started snowing a little bit and people were coming in and out of my room. Somehow I kept getting beers brought in to me so I just stayed put. I guess Scribble showed up for a while but he was kinda a bitch and took off. As people started leaving I came out of my room and hung out for a while. Around 5 I started kicking people out till it was just Sircher, John, and me. We took the last few bumps and then Sircher went to work at 6:30. Me and John sat around for a while and then decided to start drinking again. At about 8:30 we decided that it was time for everyone else to get up and booze with us. We headed over to Little Brad’s place first, but they were all being bitches. We then headed to the house and Jesse got up to booze with us. We went back to my place and started calling people . As people started coming over, Ryan woke up and told us that we had Adopt-A-Spot at 11. We drank till then and headed out to pick up trash. As soon as that was over we headed to Greek row for the end of Greek week. Dylan won the Greek God Competition so we decided to go to my place to finish off the keg. This quickly turned into, “let’s go to the spillway.” We all get ready and off we were. The spillway was packed and we all got in the lake and started boozing. There were a bunch of Sig Kap girls up there and people soon started getting dunked. We partied there till about 7 and had to take a few beer runs in between. We all decided to head back to my place for the keg and I was the first one there. Since I hadn’t slept since Friday morning I instantly passed out. Nobody woke me up so at about 10 I got up showered and headed over to Tony’s place for his brother’s birthday. I was gonna take it easy but as soon as I got there I poured myself a stiff vodka and red bull. We headed to Pinch and kept drinking there, I think there might have been a band playing. After a while we headed over to Joey, John, and James’s place and hit up some lift tickets. After hanging out there for a while Schag, his friends from home, Dylan, and I headed to Schag’s place. I stopped off to pick up another lift ticket and one of Schag’s friends kept calling me. We blasted a few and then got a call from Joey that there was a fight about to go down. We jumped in the car and I called Scott. He picked up Jason and Nathan and we rolled over to Joey’s. When we got there all the fuckers that were talking shit bitched out so we just dipped. I ended up staying up for the rest of the night and finally stumbled home at 8:30 in the morning. On my way home I saw this dude drinking a beer next to his car. He told me that he had been drinking since 6 Saturday afternoon. I pounded one with him while I told him that I had been drinking since 4:30 Friday. His fucking jaw dropped and I dipped out to pass the fuck out.

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