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Written by Kid Bacardi

          I got up Wednesday morning and was still drunk from the Hand Grenades. I don’t really remember driving to work, but it was one of those Office Space days with no real work getting done. By the time work was over I So Co Hundowas feeling much better and ready to start drinking. We sat at the house grilled out and boozed for most of the afternoon. A bunch of guys decided that they were gonna do a powerhour, but I decided that So Co Hundo was gonna be the way to go. I grabbed a pint, a bottle of coke, and it was on. A bunch of girls showed up and it was getting hot as fuck in the house. Peters and I were chillin outside and I was starting to get lit. Simon showed up just as I was finishing my mix, so we jumped in his ride and headed to Pinch. When we got there I instantly had a Rum and Coke in one hand and a Jager Bomb in the other. The shot was gone in seconds and the Rum followed close behind. As the night rolled on, everytime I turned around I had another shot and another drink handed to me. I was sprinting through drinks and it soon caught up with me and I was blacked the fuck out. The next thing I remembered was waking up on James’s couch, hung the fuck over. I later found out how I had gotten there. First of all, I wondered out of Pinch by myself in an attempt to go home. Some time during my attempt I decided to roll by Creekside. I had been at the bar with Joey and James, so I don’t know why I would have headed there. I ended up just walking into Spence’s place and sitting down without saying a work. Jarred and Conrad were in there smoking and they passed me the piece. I guess I took the biggest hit that any of them had ever seen and then proceeded to cough for the next 20 minutes. After my coughing fit was done I guess I just started drowling all over myself. They thought that I was gonna throw up so they got me a bucket. They just let me sit there for a while and then Jarred headed down to James and Joey’s place to see if they were home yet. They weren’t there, but in the mean time I wondered over to the apartment as well. I decided that I was going in anyway and started pounding on the sliding glass door. After I tired myself out I just sat down and passed out in front of the door. When Joey got home, he found me there, picked me up and tossed me on the couch, which is were I woke up, confused as fuck.

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