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Written by Kid Bacardi

          After waking up at James and Joey’s place, I decided that I needed to walk home. I passed out for a few more hours and then was ready to go to the Spillway. We started rounding everyone up to head out but didn’t even get moving till 3 or so. We destroyed 2 cases in no time and Bacardi Odecided that we needed to have a keg that night. Jeremy and Derek disappeared on some boat and we were all ready to go. We ended up 7 deep in Ryan’s Avenger on the ride home. Once we got back to town, Ryan and Neil started collecting money for the keg. I drank a little more for a while and then realized that I had a final at 7:50 the next morning. I went back to my place to go over some notes and read about two powerpoint slides before the keg showed up. That was about all the studying that was gonna get done, so I showered and started pounding. Girls started showing up and Simon was rocking a bottle of pinnapple juice mixed with a fifth of Bacardi O. There was no taste of booze at all and it was shortly gone. I decided to slow down because of my test in the morning, and went back to beer. The keg was almost dry by about 10:30, so Simon and I headed to Pinch. Trippin’ Billies (DMB cover band) were playing. Onve we got there, we headed up to the stage and kept drinking. I told Simon that I wasn’t taking shots, and after our first round of beers, he came back with shots. Even though I had sworn off shots for the night, there was no way that I was gonna pass up a free shot. After 4 more, I stopped arguing and just threw them back. The bar closed and we dipped. I was fucking wasted and had to be at a test that I hadn’t studied for in lest than 6 hours. Oh well, these things happen from time to time.

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