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Written by Kid Bacardi

          This weekend was bound to be tame. I had to head up to Rockford for drill and figured that nothing big would happen. Brian and I drove up
Hazy Visionon Thursday afternoon and on the way we ran into a snag. Some asshole cop pulled us over for no fucking reason. After following us for 5 or 6 miles, he finally pulled us over, the reason, Improper display of licence plate. Now if that isn’t a bullshit ass reason to pull someone over I don’t know what is. After about 20 minutes he gave us a warning and we were back on the road. We decided that after that bullshit we needed something to eat. A few miles down the road we saw a sign for Hardee’s and decided to hit it up. While we were waiting for our food, we found one of those “how was your visit” cards that was filled out. The guy had a low opinion of his visit, so we decided the cheer him up. We called this fuck (who left his girlfriend’s number) to let him know that he had a free meal coming to him as long as he came in that night. His white trash girlfriend answered and told us that she would track him down and let him know to come in. We stuck around for a while but he never showed and we had to get back on the road. We finally made it to Rockfrod at about 10:30 and as we rolled into my driveway, I remembered that my dad was out of town. I made a few calls and then jumped in the shower. When I got out the party was already getting started. I walked down stairs and all my boys were there. Ned handed me a bottle of vodka and I up ended it, taking a good three shots. We started passing the bottle around the room and in no time it was polished. More people started showing up and I decided that I wanted to go to the bar. In my drunken state of mind I decided to leave Ned and Trever in charge and go to the bar with Joe. We mixed it up at O’Leary’s for a while and ran into some other people that we knew. After the bar we all headed back to my place where I blacked out. I guess me and Ned pounded another bottle of vodka in about 20 minutes and then started getting rowdy. I woke up the next morning with an empty beer bottle in my hand with the contents spilled on the floor. All I could remember was the bar. I guess it was a good night.

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