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Written by Kid Bacardi

          I don’t know about anyone else, but my summer has been pure chaos so far and it is only halfway over. I want to find out who really knows how to party and who needs some help. Send me your drunk stories here for the chance to win a College Drunk Fest T-shirt. Whoever sends in the craziest story will get hooked up with the shirt. On that note, if you like funny ass shirts check these out. Also up coming will be round two of my battle with absinthe. If you really want to get fucked up get a bottle for yourself here and hold on tight, it will be the ride of your life. Anyway, now for your next dose of the drunken haze that is my life.
          Brian and I rolled back into town on Tuesday night and where else would we go but the bar. After 5 and a half hours in the car we were itching to get fucked up. We meet up with Simon and then walked over to Pinch. Matt was there Darkside of the Moonalready drunk. I got straight to work rocking double Jacks. It was kinda dead but that didn’t matter because we were there for one reason and one reason only, to get fucking destroyed. I was sitting at the bar with Matt and this Cat kept buying him shots. Since Matt doesn’t do shots, he just kept passing them to me. They were all bitch ass shots, but why the fuck would I pass up perfectly good booze. I was shitty in no time and decided that I needed to start walking around the bar. I kept running into all these girls that I know and they all wanted to hold me up and talk my fucking ear off. I wasn’t trying to stand around a pretend to listen to these girls, so I busted the Heisman on these bitches and was off to find Simon and Brian. When I finally found them I was pissed that I hadn’t been with them all night. They had been putting down shots like water and were fuck gone. At about 1:00 I remembered that I actually had to work in the morning, so I headed home to try to get some sleep. 20 minutes later, I heard pounding on my door and then my window. The next thing I knew, Brian was climbing through my window. I pushed him back out and then went to let them in to pass out.
          The rest of the week followed suit, andThe Wizard of Oz was just as fucked up. Wednesday I came across some shrooms and decided to watch The Wizard of OZ with The Darkside of the Moon. If you have never watched that shit before I would check it out. To make a fucked up long story short, that was some of the most fucked up shit that I had ever seen in my life. I asked Simon if it was just me, and he told me that it was even fucked up just drinking. Thursday, my boss was having a cook out before the sunset concert so we headed over there with some Hand Grenades to get extra fucked up. After finishing off the gallon plus of Hand Grenades, we headed to the concert around 7. My boss told me to make sure I made it to work the next day no matter how fucked up I still was and handed me another beer. After a while, we headed to Pinch to beat the cover since the band that night was shitty. Once we got there we kept drinking and I lost all track of time and events. All I know is that at one point in time I ordered a beer took one sip and then dropped it, shattering glass all over everyone. That was it, I looked at everyone and said, “Fuck it, I gotta beat.” I headed home and passed out for a few hours to prepare for the weekend.

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