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The Black Crows and Tom Petty

Written by Kid Bacardi

          Brian has been out of town for the last few weeks and he has the key to my mailbox for some reason. This is turning into a problem because I know my bottle of absinthe is in there but I just can’t get to it. Now you too can have your own
bottle of absinthe and for not a lot of scratch. Have yours sent out today by clicking here. The next thing that I would like to touch on is our Drunk Story Contest. Keep them coming in. I’ve read some funny ass shit, but nothing to really shock me. I know you can do better than this. Send in your best and get a sweet Drunk Fest Shirt. Speaking of sweet shirts, check out these foul ass shirts. Where else are you gonna get a shirt that says, “PUT MY WILLY WONKA IN YOUR CHOCOLATE FACTORY”? Another must check are these hot ass pictures. For a little dose of eyecandy, don’t miss out on this sexy girl. Anyway, now on to the good shit.
          I was sitting at the bar on Thursday night having a few beers, when Carrot called. He had an extra ticket to the Black Crows/Tom Petty show in Chicago and wanted to know if I wanted to go. Tom Petty I called my boss and told him that I wouldn’t be at work the next day and then called Carrot back and told him it was on. He had to work a few more hours and then we were gonna go up to his place in Decatur. I decided that if we were gonna drive 2 and a half hours, I needed to get wasted. It was only about 8, and I had two hours of $1.25 Buds ahead of me. Two hours later I was stumbleing out to Carrots car to head out. I was in and out the whole drive, so by the time we got there I was sober and not tired. We chilled at his place for a while and then his brother and a bunch of his friends showed up with some beer. We drank for a while and then passed out. A few hours later, Carrot’s sister woke us up to head to Chicago. We left at about 9 and got to the hotel around 11:30. The place we were staying was seedy as fuck. The damn TV didn’t have a remote or a power button, so that was out of the question. The only means of entertainment that we had for the next 6 hours was beer. We grabbed a few cases and started playing drinking games. After a few rounds of Asshole, we decided to go get some food. Were decided to hit Applebee’s and kept boozing there. With some food in our stomachs, we were all ready to keep on drinking. A few more rounds of Asshole and we were all drunk. We headed to the show around 5:30 so we could party in the parking lot before the show started. For some reason, the Tweeter doesn’t allow “loitering” in the parking lot so we got herded inside. Once we got in, we headed to the beer tent. We found out that you were supposed to go get stamped so that the people in the beer tent didn’t have to ID you every time. After getting stamped, we ordered our $7.50 Miller Lites and still got carded. With beer in hand, we headed up to the lawn to find a place to chill. Carrot and I had one goal, and one goal only, to get fuck out of our minds. The Black Crows came out first and since it was still light out, and I wasn’t completely wasted, I was able to make out the members of the band on stage. By the time that their set was over I was shit faced. We went down to the beer tent to grab a few more beers and piss on the wall that had become the new mens bathroom. Armed with two beers each, we headed back to our section of grass just as Tom Petty was starting to play. By this point, I couldn’t see shit on the stage. It was a struggle to focus on the monitors. Petty was fucking awsome. About half way through his set, I decided that pissing on the hill was a much better solution than going down to the bathroom. I’m sure I splashed all over the girl in front of me, but who gives a fuck, I was destroyed and didn’t give a fuck about anything. Once the show was over we decided to stop at White Castle on the way back to the hotel. We pull into White Castle and the parking lot was fucking packed. This place was packed with rims. People who didn’t have parking places, were just driving around the parking lot. It was fuckin dumb as fuck. After White Castle, I was fuckin done. I was drunk as fuck and passed the fuck out.

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