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Brickhouse and Fire Cherries

Written by Kid Bacardi

          I was cruising around the web the other day and ran into a site with some sweet webcam girls. These aren’t your normal bust down girls,
these freaks get down. If you want to check out some other hot bitches, you can also check out Adriana. On another note, I finally ordered my shirt that says “WHY DID THE GAYS HAVE TO RUIN THE RAINBOW FOR EVERYBODY ELSE?” Check out this shirt and all the other ones here. Anyway, I finally got my bottle of absinthe yesterday, and I’m itchin to drink it. Get your bottle here today and lose your mind with me. Speaking of losing your mind, let me know how crazy you really are. Send me your off the wall stories and win a free shirt.
          After a night of sleeping under the desk in the hotel room, I woke up with a spike in my head. We got up around 9:30 and headed back to Decatur. It was Carrot’s sister’s birthday, and her boyfriend was having a party for her. Brickhouse Carrot and I decided that we should stick around and help out with the keg. We sat around Carrot’s place all afternoon and polished off a bottle of Bacardi Limon. After a while we decided that we needed to hit up his neighbor’s pool. It was so fucking hot out that we just sat in the water and drank. Soon enough we were starting to catch a buzz. Around 4:30 we got out of the pool and got ready to hit the keg. They had gotten a keg of Brickhouse, so I knew that my night was gonna be anything but normal. We tapped the keg at about 6 and started drinking while everyone else set up food and shit for the party. Ian (the boyfriend) had soaked cherries in vodka for three days and he decided that it was time to taste them. Now these little fuckers packed a punch. They were just about as strong as a straight shot of vodka, but worse because you had to chew the fucker and taste the vodka. Now, as well as me and vodka mix, I decided to only have a few for the time being. People started showing up, but I didn’t know anyone so I drank and bullshitted with Carrot’s brother, Sam, and his boy BJ. All the food was finally ready around 7 or 8 so we all got some food to prepare us for the night ahead. After stuffing my face, I decided that I needed to hit the slopes. I drank for a while longer, and then we decided to play flippy cup. Carrot and I were owning people and getting steadily wasted. The jar of cherries came back out and we were now eating them by the handful. As the vodka mixed with my blood I started to get those crazy eyes. I hit a few more slopes, and came outside just in time to see some wirey ass kid choke out this big dude. Things were starting to get out of hand and the keg was starting to run light. Me and Carrot started pounding every last drop we could get out. It finally cashed around 12, so me and BJ hit up the gas station to grab a case of beer. As we were backing out, we slammed into a parked car, looked at each other, and decided that we needed to get the fuck out of there. We peeled the fuck out and headed back to the party. Around 1 people started to head home, so we headed back to Carrot’s. We drank there for a while, and then me and Sam headed to one of his boys place. We finished up the night with a blunt and pulls off a handle of SoCo. After that I was tapped and we headed back to Carrot’s to pass out.

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