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Written by Kid Bacardi

          The last few weeks have all been running together for me. It has been a non-stop party with very few sober thought mixed in. Going back to Brian’s Halloween party last Saturday, I have been in some way, shape, or form been fucked out of my mind. I had to take Wednesday off work to catch up on my sleep and then went right back at it on Wednesday night. By Thursday night I had easily doubled the number of hours that I was sober by the number of hours that I was drunk and was ready to keep going. We started out at Huff’s place playing flippy cup as per usual. Girls started showing up in costumes and we all just got fucked up before we headed to GII for a costume party. By 10 I found myself in a drunken haze with a shit ton of people trying to decide when to go to the bar. Around 11 I decided to take off because the beer was just about gone. I walked into the bar with no costume on and realized that everyone had dressed up. Slash Josh was sporting a garbage bag with a sign that said “douche” on it. After about 40 minutes of walking around and talking different people, they talked me into bringing out the Slash costume. Since I only live a block from the bar, I ran home and changed into my costume. When I got back to the bar they gave me a number for the costume contest and I started drinking whiskey in preparation. By then, everyone was at the bar and it was fucking packed. I ran into a bunch of girls that I know and bullshitted with them for a while scamming free shots. By 1 I was good and fucked up. I ran into one of my boys and did a shot. He saw his ex-girlfriend with some other dude so he ran off to start some shit. I was too fucked up to go with him and deal with that shit so I just kicked back at the bar to see who was around. It was hard to concentrate on any one thing, so I was just scanning for faces that I know (hard when everyone is in a costume). I finally found a group of my friends and attempted to stand up with them. I found out that I had missed the costume contest because I had been down stairs and missed out on the chance for $50 of free booze. With that shitty luck, I decided to go home so I could get up for work in the morning.
          Friday started with a long ass day at work. After work I decided that I needed to get high as fuck to unwind and start drinking. Nobody really knew what was going on. I decided to put the wheels in motion and started calling people to do a power hour. The event soon escalated into beer pong at Huff’s. Since the bars on the strip were closed all weekend (gay city law) and all the other bars would be 1 in/1 out, I decided that I needed enough booze for the whole night. It took me a while to decided what I needed, but finally grabbed a bottle of Limon and some Rolling Rock, plus a 30 for Scala. After everyone showed up at the house with booze, we headed over to Huff’s. Keith and I took on Brad and Scala to start out and came from behind to win by sinking two in the same cup. This spurred a 6 game winning streak, including a skunk. After going 6-0 I had to go smoke a bowl, so we took a break. Beer Pong During the break I started tearing into the bottle of Bacardi and was really starting to feel fucked up. I walked back inside with a group of people who had just showed up and found myself in a line to get back up to play (don’t ask me how winner has to wait, but I was pissed). I started drinking more Bacardi and a few other bottles that were being passed around. I quickly went way past having the ability to throw a ping pong ball into a cup and right into “I just need to chill for a minute.” I sat out side for a while and bullshitted with people for a while and then ran back into the mix. I was all over the place and drinking my ass off. By 1 I didn’t know my name and was trying to figure out a way to get home and get Denny’s. I don’t know the details, but I woke up with Denny’s in my refrigerator.
          Saturday morning I woke up to finding out that we were going to the wine trails. I was still drunk from the night before but took this as a challenge. That was also the last decision that I remember making. After 2 bottles of wine in an hour I was fucking floored. Not quite what I had expected but it happens. The next thing I remember is pissing out side of this nice winery while a car pulls in right next to me. I then remember waking up on my couch and going to my bed, then back to couch. At 11:30 I rejoined the world to find out that I was late for the party. I through my costume on, pounded some rum and head over to Nathan’s party. I was quickly drunk as fuck again and just stumbled around talking to people. I don’t know how long that lasted, but I woke up in Carrot’s truck and was headed back to my place. All in all I can account for all of about 3 hours of that day, I figure I must have had fun.

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