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Panama City Beach ’06 Part 1

Written by Kid Bacardi

          Spring Break time is here so we headed down to Panama City Beach. We rolled down there 15 deep plus a bunch of girls that we know to black out for a week. Since we couldn’t check into the hotel till 3 Jimmy, Peters, and I didn’t leave Carbondale till 2 A.M. We ended up getting down there around 1 Saturday afternoon. The first thing we did was grab a case of beer and then found our way to the hotel. Bonging Beers Everyone else was out on the beach already, so we joined them out there and started pounding. My boys Bert and Brad showed up a little later and we broke out there beer bong and started getting really fucked up. After we were good and buzzed, we decided that we should check into the hotel. When we finally get to the front of the line we find out that we all have to drop a $50 security deposit ($300 per room for 3 rooms). That pissed us all off to no end, because the company that we booked through failed to mention that. Then we find out that we didn’t get the VIP package that we were supposed to. This really fucking pissed me off because we had paid $100 more each for it. Just a hint, don’t book anything through They are all fucking assholes and are running a shade ball operation. So after all the bullshit, we get our shit in our rooms and keep on drinking. There was free beer and some rum concoction at Spinnaker’s from 7-9 so we headed there to start the night. The bartender hooked us up for with a deal were she just kept our glasses full for $5 each. This ment we sat at the bar and pounded glass after glass of the rum shit. After about 6 glasses I was wrecked. We walked around the bar for a while and drank some more, but I blacked out soon after. I woke up at 5:30 the next morning and wondered what happened and how I got home.
          We started drinking again at about 8:30 and around 10 a bunch of people headed to get some food. James, Tomasz, Tom and I decided that we just wanted to drink. We headed down to the beach and met up with Ricky. Some guys from Wisconsin showed up with some bags and James and I got in. We lost the first game but Tom and I took next and owned the game for the next 7-10 rounds including 2 skunks. By the time we lost everyone else was on the beach so we just kept on pounding. Fucked Up At Spinnaker’s Once all the beer was gone I headed back up to the room to pass out for a while. Around 5 I woke up and got ready to roll to Spinnaker’s. It was free beer from 7-9 again so we pounded there till 9. We met some broads from Connecticut that were drunk as fuck and kicked it with them for a while. Tom had fee passes to Hammerhead Fred’s so after 9 we walked over there and met up with a bunch of the girls. We got one free drink there and then I started pounding Jack. While we were chilling there they got some dude up on stage to feel on 5 girls asses to judge the best. They brought him inside to blindfold and brought 5 guys on stage instead of the girls. When he found out he was fucking pissed. I had a few more drinks and then blacked out again and some how stumbled home.

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