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Summertime in C’Dale

Written by Kid Bacardi

          So its been a while, and lots of shit has gone down. First of all, I some how managed to graduate this year. Not only did I manage to finish school and get a degree, but I drank more then ever before and collected the best grades of my college career. Getting’ Drunk My dad, being as shocked as me, decided that he would throw down on a sweet party. We bought a few kegs at GII and had a mix. Since I decided to blackout an hour or so into it, I don’t really remember how everything went down, but I woke up in the moring to find out that I pretty much ran my mom’s boyfriend out of the bar. Oh well, fuck it, he must have said something stupid around me. After the graduation parties died down and everyone went home for the summer, C’Dale as been a ghost town. Don’t get me wrong, it’s usually dead here in the summers, but not like this year. For some reason nobody seems to want to party anymore. I guess C’Dale is finally played.
          With C’Dale on the outs, I have been hitting up the usual road trips here and there, but the new driving force in my life (besides drinking) has turned into getting the fuck out of C’Dale. The plan is to relocate to Tampa and set up shop there. In the mean time I’ve been hitting up some summer shows. The first was a three day festival in MO called Schwag Stock. For anyone that has heard of this and not gone, I would check it out. If you haven’t heard of it I would look into it as well. This festival is held on a 330 acre camp ground with a spring feed creek running through it. All in all a really good place to camp. Now I know what you’re thinking, “FUCK CAMPING!” And I’m with you, the camping alone sucked ass. Rage, you know, fly with the seabirds The good parts do out weight the fact that its camping though. First of all, its only $40 for three days of music and camping. Second, there are no rules at Schwag Stock. We were out of the car for thirty seconds and could have bought any drug known to man. Third, even though hippies fucking stink and shit, they are really friendly people and don’t rip you off on drugs. So three days and $300 later, I had “Candy Flipped” for 3 days and the show was over, but I had seen some shit (thanks for the graduation present Grandma and Grandpa). Musicians melting into the stage, girls turning into monsters, hours of dancing for no reason at all. I had ate pills of every color and just let go of reality for the entire weekend.
          Since then, things have been basically gay around here. Same old shit, go to work, go to Pinch, hit the Spillway. I did manage to get out to a Cubs/Cards game, and see Tom Petty, who fucking kicked ass again. Now finally for the good news, I have found a house in Tampa and I should be out of this hell hole in less than 30 days. The new place is 3 blocks from the beach and has its own pool, so I can see some rediculous parties going down. There is just something about 3 grown men that act like 15 year olds living together that spells good entertainment. Just to se what it tastes like! Well that’s all I got for you now, but I would like to send you off with one piece of advice: Go see Nocho Libre, but see it high. Jack Black is fuck awsome, so go get a piece of the fame, “Just so see what it tastes like.”

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