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Written by Kid Bacardi

So I decided to finally check out these chicks online and found out what I had been missing. These broads are on the internet for one reason and one reason only…to FUCK. Ybor City After bullshitting with a few of them, I decided that I might as well try to meet up with one of them. So to protect myself from some crazy ass bitch, I decided that we needed to meet at a crowded ass place so that I knew I had an out. So me and my boys decided to go over to Ybor City to meet up with one of these broads that I met. We got there early so that we could get some drinks in before we met up with this broad. At about 11:00 we finally headed over to Coyote Ugly to meet this bitch. As soon as we got there everyone disappeared as I was looking for this chick. I was getting pissed quick so I went over to the bar and got a shot of jack and another beer. After the shot I decided that I need to find this broad quick and figure out what was up. I send her a text and told me to meet me by the bar as I sat down to throw back another beer. She showed up in a few minutes and found me just in time to pay for my next beer. So that’s one point in her favor. We sat around the bar and drank for a while and she just kept feeding me shots. By about 12:30 I was drunk as fuck and we decided to start bar hopping. I really don’t remember where all we headed but I ended up with 4 or 5 different wrist bands on. It was pushing 3 and the bars were getting ready to call when I decided that I should probably find my boys. As I was trying to get a hold of them, I got dragged into a cab and off we where. We ended up at some hotel somewhere in Tampa. Well, what the fuck? I guess I’ll find my boys in the morning. So I we didn’t get 2 steps in the door and it was on. This bitch was all the fuck over me and I was drunk as hell so you know how I get down. This bitch was down for whatever. There where no limits…I mean NO LIMITS. I was in and out of consciousness for god knows how long. I woke up the next morning early and called for back up. They came through and a scooped me up and that was that. After that experience I decided to give a few more a try with similar results. The only key is to just let them know that your only in it to fuck and it’s golden…I would suggest letting them know where you live though unless you really want to see them more than once. All in all, if you wanna fuck, I would check these broads out.

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