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New Year's?

Written by Kid Bacardi

          So, New Years has come and gone again and it really didn’t seem any different from any other day. It used to be a good reason to stay up and drink all night, but now everyday is a good reason to stay up and drink all night. Since I haven’t had a really fun New years since high school (only fun because I was 17), I decided that I wouldn’t miss anything and went up to Trever’s cabin in Hayward, WI. We headed up there on Monday with $400 worth of lift tickets, half an eighth, and enough money to get wasted for the rest of the year. We left Rockford around 5 at night and got to the bar by Trever’s place around 10:30. On the way we managed to put a bit of a dent in our party favors so we ordered up a few shots of tequila and we were on our way to drunk. The bartender, Alicia, and her boyfriend, Chustin, were cool as fuck. They were both 21 and since me and Trever were the only people there, they closed the bar and let us keep drinking. In no time we were drinking basically for free and smoking pot right at the bar. After a while we realized that it was almost 4 so we headed back to Trever’s to crash.
          The next day we got up and got everything ready for fishing. After setting everything up on the ice Trever’s dad, Big Mike came out with a martini and grabbed a pole. In 5 minutes he reeled in a fish after we did all the work. 2 hours later Me and Trever were wasted but fishless so we packed up in the dark and went in. We drank at the cabin for a while and then head back up to the bar. We were once again the only people there so drinks were cheap and they closed early so we could smoke in the bar. Trever’s mom had dropped us off that night because she didn’t want us bar hopping. So when it was time to go, 3:30, we decided to walk across the lake. Half way across we stopped to smoke a bowl and then headed home.
          The rest of the week was basically the same, we drank and didn’t catch fish all day long and then headed to the bar. Thursday night on the way to the bar I fell on the ice and fucked my knee up. When I got to the bar I took to shots of whiskey to kill the pain and then started boozin. Alicia’s sister Misty came up that night and there were a few other people in the bar. We headed out to there barn to smoke and then came back in to play pool. We all got wasted and playing pool, about the same as the other nights but without the closed bar. That night we headed home early, 2:30, so we could go fishing again.
          When I woke up on Friday my knee would not bend for shit. I hobbled around all day and there was no fuckin way that I was going fishing for no fish. We started drinking around 2 and headed to the bar around 6:30. We ordered steak dinner and kept drinking. Alicia and Chustin had a bunch of friends coming up so it was gonna be a little more crazy than the previous nights. We played pool for a while and then decided that Asshole was the way to go. We took multiple trips to the barn and just got all around fucked up. Nothing all that interesting happened as I had expected. We stumpled across the lake at 5:30 and went to pass out. I must have been wasted because when I got up the next day I thought I was gonna puke until I tried to bend my knee and had shooting pain run through my leg. The pain wounded the puke and a Bloody Mary finished it off.
          All in all it was another uneventful New Years. I guess when to party to the limit every night of the year there just isn’t anything that exciting about partying balls for one night. Oh and by the way…fuck New Year’s resolutions. That is one of the dumbest traditions that anyone has ever come up with. So for now party hard till school starts because this semester you’re gonna take school seriousley…okay maybe not. I for one will be just as drunk as last year and with any luck I will find a new level of drunken chaos to achieve.

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