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Written by Kid Bacardi

          So This last week was another one of those weeks. I worked all day and got wrecked all night. All the week went by, more and more people started coming back down. by Friday night it was time to really party. Me and Carrot headed to GII for starters but it was dead. Schag was suposed to meet us there but we decided that Pinch would be better. So we went and got Schag and headed out. When we got there it was fuckin packed. it was shoulder to shoulder throughout the bar and everyone was wasted. It didn't take me very long to catch up. Soon everything was swirling around me and the close quarters didn't help. I saw Amanda crutching through the bar and as i walk by her she grabbed me and made me walk her to the bathroom. I was wasted and she was on crutches so it took a while to plow through the crowd. As the night wore on I remembered that I had DUI class in the morning(that is a whole or story)at 9:00. I said fuck it and ended up staying out till the bar closed. When we were leaving, me, Schag, and Ricky didn't have a ride home and it was cold as fuck. Jeremy came out with his girl, but his back seat was full of shit. He decided to say fuck it and Ricky and Schag climbed in the back with Jeremy's snowboard and golf clubs and I got in the front with his girl on my lap. I was wasted and the whole way home she kept asking if she was to heavy. She was about a buck ten but she was irritating the fuck out of me so I said, "God Damn, you gotta get the fuck off me before my legs break." She got pissed and I got the fuck out of the car at my crib. I stumbled through the land fill that is my house and passed out.
Tom’s New Ride           I woke up at 9 to go to DUI class nad was still drunk. I went to the class and then sat around smoking till the football games started. During the pre game they were talking about how was going to win the Atlanta/St. Louis game. Dan Marino's pick was Atlanta and his cracker ass threw down "A-Town". I laughed my ass off for a good 15 minutes over that one. Shannon Sharpe looked at him like he had lost his mind. Karen called later to tell me that she was having a party at her place and need my tapper. Me and Scott went over there around 9 but nobody else was there yet so we started attacking the jungle juice. The keg showed up soon and some people started rollin in. Flippy Cup was goin down and I was about 5 cups deep and it was startin to grab. I think we left around 12 or so to go to the bar. I was wasted and don't really remember the bar. All I know is I went with $28 dollars and woke up with the same. I guess Jamie was keepin a drink in front of me at all time to keep my attention. I was told that I feel asleep sitting at the bar. Jamie took me home and the work is she revisited the Lemon Drop(see sex moves). I was also told that the Beef came by looking for 3-hundo and cussing me out for not telling her were she was. Oh well I have no recelection of that.
          Sunday I woke up to watch football. Simon called and said that we were going over to Tony's to drink. I was still kinda drunk so I said what the hell and we headed out. So at 3 me, Simon, Keith, Justin, Jeremy, and Tony grabbes a pony keg for the game. Half way through the game Simon and Keith took off so there were only 4 of us. We pounded the keg till people started showing up around 9. We had a great head start and it was obvious. All I have to say is "BO KNOWS DRUNK". By 10:30 there was a party starting to develope but our beer had been gone and everyone else that had shown up hadn't brought enough for us to keep boozing. We decided that Pinch was the way to go. I jumped in Tom's new car. He got an undercover cop car, complete with spot light and doors that don't open from the inside. Pinch was too packed for as drunk as I was so most of us headed over to GII. It was packed there too but you could still walk around. I ran into Sandie and some dude she was with but she started making out with me instantly. I walked around the bar ripping on anyone that had anything that I could rip on them for, real cold hearted type shit. At the end of the night I was dancing with Sandie and she was suposed to come over. I was so drunk that I just left without her and passed out. Anything after that, your guess is as good as mine.

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